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How to Fix Your Finances

Very often I think about the relationship between spending habits, comfort and affordability. If your expectation is to enjoy a better financial position in the future, there are sacrifices that must be done in the present, after all that is the natural meaning of delayed gratification. You can either overspend in the lifestyle and things that you think you deserve now,   or put a little bit of pressure on yourself and make some sacrifices here and there, in order to offer your future self a better life. As Dave Ramsey says: "Today I will live like others won't, so tomorrow I will live like others can't" The truth is, quitting to buy your coffee at Starbucks every morning won't make you rich in 20 years. This example is often misunderstood, because this habit alone won't make you rich or poor; but it certainly can become the first step that will give you the mental toughness to embrace uncomfort, and the will power to stick to what is right for y

10 Day Challenge to Win Will Power and Self-Discipline

Life skills like self-discipline, will power and delay gratification are fundamental but hard skills to develop. The following 30 days challenge will boost your skills and allow you to develop them a little bit more everyday during 1 month. The idea after you finish this challenge is that you keep practicing your skills to turn them into habits. 1. If it takes less than 5 min. Do it immediately. Examples: cleaning a tiny spill, throwing the garbage, writing a quick thank you email. Whatever you have been delaying and it can be done quickly. (less than 5 min). 2. No snooze button. Wake up with your alarm the first time. Repeat for the whole month. Practice the 5 second rule by Mel Robins, get a smart alarm that requires you to make a math calculation or solve a puzzle in order to stop it, or if you are wild, keep a glass of water in your night stand and throw a little bit in your face when the alarm sounds. 3. Plan your day and follow through. Start planning between 1 or