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How to Stop Procrastinating

Most of us have dealt with the unpleasant feeling of procrastinating homework, work or even chores and then having to put more effort to accomplish the same goal in a very short period of time with the added stress overload. Procrastinating is a natural thing. There is no need to be ashamed. What should be embarrassing is not looking for a change and keep making your life miserable under the stress of deadlines or rushing up to complete a work that could have been done in a better way if done sooner, with more time. Here are some simple tips to avoid procrastination and start changing your habits. 1. Block distractions: It is easier to slip away and do everything else, except what you were supposed to do if your environment is full of distractions. Procrastinating means your brain do not want to do the task that needs to be done and distractions are a great excuse to pull you out of the right path. When you are committed to do something; make it easier by blocking any

How to be assertive

Being assertive is a life skill that influences our path in life, our relationship with others and our level of happiness and self-satisfaction. It can be challenging to develop; but as other life skills, it grows with persistence, repetition and experience. What is assertiveness? Assertiveness is the quality of being able to express your feelings with respect and calm when you don't agree with a person o situation. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay. Why is it so rare? Most of us grew up not being assertive.  Most people have the tendency to silence their feelings of disagreement in a situation, or react with anger and frustration, thus making the situation worse. Being assertive is being able to say NO and express with freedom that you don't like something or the way a situation is being approached. While working on being assertive you will be working in your confidence as well as self-control. Many of us have met a person who was assertive