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How to Write Better in Your Second Language

Many of us are not native English speakers, and most of us consider this a problem when we want to start writing in English or another language. Instead of looking at it as a problem, turn around the issue and see it as a challenge and an opportunity for growth. Here are some tips that will help you to go through the process and pour your deepest emotions and feelings into the paper. 1. Exposure. Read books and listen to audiobook in the language you want to use in your writing. Even if you are a fluent speaker, there is always room for improvement, especially with writing. Reading tons of books in the language you want to write is a key step to become better at it. Reading give you exposure to grammar, technique and style. It gives you more vocabulary and confidence as you get used to different author's styles in the language you are writing. 2. Read some books about grammar, writing and composition in the language of your writing practice. Some good b

Why do we fail and how to cope with failure?

Failure is not a pleasant experience. Failure is a part of life, at some point we all experience it and we actually need it sometimes. Who fails and who doesn't? It is easier not to fail if you don't try anything new, but if you are constantly trying different things, exploring new options and getting out of your comfort zone, chances are you will fail more than someone who is not moving out of their comfort zone. This is not a reason to be scared, instead, learning to see your failures as an opportunity for growth will give you resilience and grit in the long term. How to cope with failure? Here are some useful tips to cope with failure and take the most out of it when you experience it. 1. Take accountability: The first and more important step after failing is taking accountability.  This allows you to own your failure, fully experience it and grow. If you make excuses for whatever happened and blame someone else for your failure, you will see the fa