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Some Tips for Adulthood

I usually find messages online with the question: why did we want to grow up? At the beginning it used to upset me, mostly because my life as an adult is a lot better than my childhood. For this reason, the phrase didn't make sense to me. The truth behind this phrase is something so obvious as   well as hard to digest. Growing up is hard. In fact, I think some people never grow up, some take longer, some end up growing up faster. In our early twenties the things look so confusing at times, most of the time we feel like we know everything and we are adults, but other times, it is like you are trying to figure everything out; and there are many things you cannot fully comprehend. We are more impulsive and careless. We have less things to worry about. No one wants to make a big mistake, but at certain degree we feel that we have the opportunity to screw up now. And we do it. Everyone knows it's better to screw up when you are 20 because in theory you have time to