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How to stop wasting your time

I am amazed by the amount of time I used to spend watching poor content. Scrolling down into Facebook or Instagram was a real black hole for my time, and watching t.v was a daily activity. Those kind of activities have become the easier option, as well as immediately available. It is easier to come home after a long work day and just turn the t.v on, or rest in the sofa while scrolling down on Instagram. We have become so unaware that the behavior is automatic and becomes a habit. Every time we are bored, or tired, or waiting for something, we take a look at our phones. Why should we spend our time in more valuable activities? And what is "valuable" anyway? Just to be clear everyone can spend their time as they prefer. A valuable activity just means something that will make you feel happier and accomplished in the long run, rather than feeling that you are being lazy and feeling like you are wasting your time and even your life. A valuable activity is som

How to create a monthly budget.

There was a time when I didn’t know where my money was going or what should I do with it. Needless to say, I was living from paycheck to paycheck and with credit card debt. What I didn’t know at that time is that anyone can build a cushion, an emergency fund, even if it is small or starts from zero. If you keep consistency and develop the right habits and systems, you will be able to see your emergency fund bloom; and a direct path to a better and more organized financial life. One part of me never thought I would be the person writing how to make a budget. A budget sounded so “strict” to me. I used to think I could figure out on my own how to save money, without having the need to make a budget. Wrong. Or at least, it was for me. I bet the world is so big that there are people who do not need budgets, and never had the need to use them; but for 90% of us, it is the best way to start. The following are some tips that I learned on my way to developing a budget every mont